These Samsung Galaxy F Renders Look Amazing

These Samsung Galaxy F Renders Look Amazing

Don’t be fooled by the boxy folding smartphone that Samsung unveiled at its Developer Conference. According to multiple sources, the final design is going to be a hell of a lot sleeker. Here’s a tantalising glimpse at what the Samsung Galaxy F might really look like.

When Samsung showed off its folding Galaxy smartphone at SDC last week, the thickness of the device was far from impressive. In short, it looked like a brick. Samsung has since confirmed that this was not the final production model. Furthermore, it seems that an external case may have been used to camouflage the design from competitors.

With the company projecting global sales of more than one million units, it’s safe to assume that the final version won’t be nearly as bulky as what was shown. Otherwise, it would be a niche curiosity at best.

The render above comes from Dutch tech site Letsgodigital and is allegedly based on insider information about the final design as well as Samsung’s existing foldable patents. It’s worth noting that Letsgodigital is a pretty reliable news source with a brace of smartphone-related scoops to its name.

At SDC 2018, Samsung proudly announced that its new screen technology – made from a flexible version of composite polymer – is the thinnest display ever created for a smartphone. This suggests that the final product should be, well, thin. Or at least thinner than the boxy prototype that was briefly flashed on stage.

Image: Letsgodigital

When unfolded, the Samsung Galaxy F (that name is subject to change) will measure 7.3 inches with a significantly wider screen compared to normal phones and tablets. It will boast a native resolution of 1536 x 2152 pixels and a screen density of 420 dpi. According to Samsung, the screen will be able to run three applications simultaneously via its new OneUI interface.

On the front, the phone has another 4.6-inch display with a resolution of 840 × 1960 pixels. This secondary display provides full smartphone functionality when the device is folded.

The Galaxy F is expected to hit store shelves sometime in March 2019. According to Korean news outlet Yonhap News it will cost 2 million won (approximately $2500 in Australian dollars.)

This means we will likely be looking at a price tag of at least $3000. If the finished product manages to look like these renders, we reckon quite a few people will be willing to pay that price.

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  • The renders do look amazing, unfortunately it’s easy to make an amazing render but much harder to produce the real object.

    I’ll be very interested to see how these pan out in real life as I think it’s a cool way to get the benefit of a regular phone and a tablet in one device. I do however, have major concerns about it’s longevity. I can see problems with the display and the hinge being a big thing. While I may buy a folding phone in the future I certainly wouldn’t be buying the first generation, maybe not even the second.

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