Ten Tech Careers That Are Taking Off In Australia

As tech has taken over the world, it’s no secret that the opportunities in the job market have evolved exponentially too. Once niche fields like data science and cybersecurity are booming, resulting in a vacuum of talent – and hefty pay packages.

Today, every industry is facing some degree of technological disruption. For those interested in a career in tech, it’s almost certain that this trajectory will continue.

But as those breaking into the field know, Information Technology is an incredibly diverse industry where careers can be taken in any number of directions.

It’s not easy to determine which career path to follow in the world of 1s and 0s. So with this in mind, here are ten tech careers taking off down under, according to findings from Asia-Pacific tech and executive talent specialists, Halcyon Knights.

The Ten Fastest Growing Tech Careers In Australia

Java, Python & GoLang Developers

Java, Python & GoLang Developer are currently en vogue, as their native platforms work well with algorithms required to build /operate Machine Learning & AI functionalities. Experts in these areas are hard to come by, as the experience is largely coming from the startup space rather than the larger employers.

JavaScript Developers (with Angular or React expertise)

JavaScript Developers (with Angular or React expertise) work in a versatile language that’s used across a variety of businesses so will continue to see demand for their talents – that said, the large number of frameworks within the language mean that the talent pool is segmented across niche expertise. Therefore, it becomes difficult to find the right mix of expertise and mindset for each role in this space.

DevOps (Cloud) & DevSecOps (Security) & Cloud Security Engineers

DevOps (Cloud) & DevSecOps (Security) & Cloud Security Engineers are needed to automate and maintain the environment in which Developers work, which is growing as businesses become more reliant on high volumes of data. DevOps engineers speed up the rate of deployment, as well as ensuring minimal downtime of products. DevSecOps Engineers perform the same role with a focus on security at the code level, while Cloud Security Engineers instruct on and maintain the quality of coding methods that promote secure cloud-based environments – allowing businesses to maintain clean and efficient code as well as consider risk from the code up.

Cyber Threat Intelligence / Cyber Emergency Response (CERT) Managers

These specialists are a silver bullet in a world where cyberattacks occur almost weekly, able to identify and mitigate risk or respond to attacks as they happen, allowing businesses to maintain productivity, service and data security.

Automation Engineers

Automation Engineers allow speed to market, and reallocation of resources by automating processes saving cost and human capital savings. The hunt for competitive edge through efficiency has driven a spike in demand for experts in the automation space.

Data Scientists

Data Scientist jobs are booming as businesses seek to better understand and derive value from the data they generate from their customers. There’s a real shortage of qualified data professionals with the ability to develop complex data models and then apply a business lens to the actionable insights derived from those models. More and more businesses are subsequently turning to data scientists to help them make data driven strategy decisions and forecast better and allocate resources more efficiently.

Data Engineers

Data Engineers are vital members of any enterprise data analytics team. As businesses become more and more reliant on the collection and manipulation of high volumes of data, demand for people who excel at managing and interpreting it has followed.

Agile Coaches / Scrum Masters

Agile Coaches / Scrum Masters are responsible for teaching and running methodological frameworks and processes. As more teams across a variety of departments (not just tech) adopt agile methodologies in the search for efficiency, demand for these roles continues to grow.

CX/UX Researchers and Designers

CX/UX Researchers and Designers collect and make design decisions based on customer experience data, allowing businesses to better create efficiencies across the board by optimizing their product to something that serves the customers’ needs.

Tech Sales Executives (enterprise level)

Enterprise-level Tech Sales Executives are a hot ticket as businesses recognise the most efficient path towards capital growth is to land and expand enterprise level customers. Experienced 360 sales people who can build these relationships and grow them are in constant demand.

Sunil Daniel is general manager for Innovation & Business Solutions at Halcyon Knights.


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