You’re Paying Too Much For Mobile Data: Try These Plans Instead

Life only has three certainties: death, taxes, and mobile data prices reaching a new low every other week. This time last year, we were getting excited about SIM-only plans that included 15GB for around $40 per month. That kind of money gets you twice as much data these days, if not more.

Our dollars are now buying us more data than ever.

But while telcos are all bumping up inclusions, some deals are still better than others. For example, if you’re a data bargain hunter, the best offers are typically exclusive to 12-month contracts. And of course, there are still great offers if you’d prefer the flexibility of a no-contract or prepaid plan thanks to a spate of bonuses.

SIM-only plans with at least 30GB on a contract

The deals here are all great, but there are a few clear standouts. Optus is an excellent pick with 30GB for $35 per month, especially when you consider the extras you’ll get, such as data-free music streaming and Optus Sports.

TeleChoice is a solid option if you’d prefer Telstra coverage, offering 30GB for $40 per month, which is $9 less than a comparable plan on Telstra itself.

Think Mobile, however, steals the show with its 40GB plan for $37 per month. It’s a very no frills offer, but it’s hard to complain when you get that much data-per-dollar.

SIM-only plans with at least 30GB and no contract

Your options are a little more limited if you’d prefer a no-contract SIM only plan. Vaya is however a great choice, offering 30GB for $44 per month with no lock-in. If you need more data, amaysim will throw in another 10GB for just $6 more per month.

Prepaid plans with at least 30GB

Prepaid might make you think “cheap and nasty”, but there’s now a whole heap of high-inclusion low-commitment offers available for those who’d prefer to pay for their phone plan upfront.

Catch Connect is currently running an introductory offer that gets you your first 32GB recharge for $4.90, down from $49.90. Since its prepaid, you can leave whenever you want, but staying with Catch for even just two months still represents excellent value.

Boost Mobile also has an offer worth calling out: its $50 plan currently gets you 32GB of data, plus a bonus 23GB on your first five recharges. That’s a total of 55GB. It is however worth noting that Boost’s recharges have a 28-day expiry, which means you’ll be recharging 13 times per year, rather than 12.

SIM-only plans with at least 50GB

And if you want even more data, here’s a whole bunch of plans with at least 50GB. There’s not quite as many of these around, so the above table has a mix of 12-month contract, no contract, and prepaid plans.

If you’re after the best data-for-dollar option, Think Mobile is a clear winner, offering a redonkulous 80GB for $48 per month on a 12-month contract.

Alex Choros is Managing Editor at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website. He’s now had far too many phone plan related dreams.


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