The Ten Grossest Lifehacker Taste Tests

The Ten Grossest Lifehacker Taste Tests

Lifehacker has indulged in some highly unorthodox taste tests over the years. From bacon milkshakes to placenta pizza, we’ve stuck a lot of weird and horrifying things into our mouths. To round off Friday, here are ten of the grossest gastronomical nightmares to squelch into our office. (You might want to read this one on an empty stomach.)

Homemade Vegemite Chocolate

Kombucha Fermented Fungal Tea

New Arnott’s BBQ Shapes

Arnotts Old Shapes vs new Shapes

V’s Carnival Energy Drink (AKA Clown Puke)

Edible Bugs (Crickets And Meal Worms)

The Chilli Factory’s Hottest Sauce Ever

Coles’ Fake KFC Bucket

McDonald’s ‘Noah’s Ark’ Burger

The DIY KFC Double Down Dog

Bacon Milkshake: The Video

Bonus round for hardcore readers:

How To Cook And Eat A Placenta Pizza

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