The Ten Grossest Lifehacker Taste Tests

The Ten Grossest Lifehacker Taste Tests

Lifehacker has indulged in some highly unorthodox taste tests over the years. From bacon milkshakes to placenta pizza, we’ve stuck a lot of weird and horrifying things into our mouths. To round off Friday, here are ten of the grossest gastronomical nightmares to squelch into our office. (You might want to read this one on an empty stomach.)

Homemade Vegemite Chocolate

“All you need is a block of Cadbury’s milk chocolate, a few spoonfuls of Vegemite and a suicidal disregard for your own taste buds.”

Kombucha Fermented Fungal Tea

“…it tastes like a mixture of unwashed feet, bin juice and stale vinegar. Definitely an acquired taste.”

New Arnott’s BBQ Shapes

Arnotts Old Shapes vs new Shapes

“The new Shapes make me sad.”

V’s Carnival Energy Drink (AKA Clown Puke)

“I feel like my taste buds were molested by a grubby-handed carnie.”

Edible Bugs (Crickets And Meal Worms)

“They kind of tasted like salted, oddly chewy peanuts.”

The Chilli Factory’s Hottest Sauce Ever

“…The next ten minutes were spent writhing on Circular Quay boardwalk in a groaning, sweaty hell of my own making. At one point I even undid my pants in a fruitless bid to ease the agony.”

Coles’ Fake KFC Bucket

“Have you ever had dinner at a ghastly hotel pub where the fish fingers, chicken nuggets and schnitzel all tasted exactly the same? That’s what the SFC Take Home Boneless Bucket reminded me of.”

McDonald’s ‘Noah’s Ark’ Burger

“Having just returned from the toilet, I no longer feel able to recommend this meal to readers of Lifehacker.”

The DIY KFC Double Down Dog

“Like moths to a flame, we were irresistibly drawn to this greasy portent of mankind’s destruction.”

Bacon Milkshake: The Video

“Warning: don’t watch while eating or drinking.”

Bonus round for hardcore readers:

How To Cook And Eat A Placenta Pizza

“…Up to this point, the concept has been sufficiently abstract enough to seem palatable. But the moment you open that bucket, everything changes. You now have human organs on your kitchen bench — and your hands are about to get dirty.”

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