Revealed: The Top 20 Baby Names For 2019 (Boy And Girl)

Revealed: The Top 20 Baby Names For 2019 (Boy And Girl)
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Choosing a bad baby name is like choosing a bad tattoo – except you’re not the one who’s stuck with it. While there’s no evidence that a rubbish name will affect your child into adulthood, it probably doesn’t help either. Just sayin’.

Here are 40 baby names that are tipped to be popular in 2019. Depending on your life views, this could either make them top on your list, or names to desperately avoid.

The following names and meanings all come from the Stay At Home Mum website based on information gathered from 900,000 Australian mothers. In other words, these are the baby names that will be appearing on birth certificates over the next calendar year.

If you pick one of the below, there’s a fair chance that your kid will share the same name as several of their classmates when they reach school age. On the plus side, as least they won’t get picked on for having a “weird” name. (Well, apart from Silas maybe. Sorry Silas.)

Top Boys’ Names 2019

    Aiden (Meaning: ‘Little fire’)

    Atticus (Meaning: ‘Man of Attica’)

    Avery (Meaning: ‘Elf and counsel’)

    Branson (Meaning: ‘Son of Brando’)

    Bryson (Meaning: ‘Son of Brice’)

    Charlie (Meaning: ‘Man’)

    Chase (Meaning: ‘To hunt’)

    Felix (Meaning: ‘Lucky or successful’)

    Finley (Meaning: ‘White or fair’ or ‘fair-haired warrior’)

    Grayson (Meaning: ‘The grey-haired one’)

    Hunter (Meaning: ‘To hunt one’s food’)

    Landon (Meaning: ‘Long hill’ or ‘ridge’)

    Liam (Meaning: ‘Helmet of will’)

    Louis (Meaning: ‘Warrior’)

    Orson (Meaning: ‘Bear’)

    Quinn (Meaning: ‘Descendant of Conn’)

    Sawyer (Meaning: ‘Man who cuts timber’)

    Sebastian (Meaning: ‘Revered’)

    Silas (Meaning: ‘Forest or woods’)

    Theodore (Meaning: ‘God-given’)

    Wyatt (Meaning: ‘Wide or wood’)

Top Girls’ Names 2019

    Meaning: ‘Beautiful, loving and graceful’

    Meaning: ‘Very holy’

    Meaning: ‘Fair ruler of the little people’

    Meaning: This name became popular from Sleeping Beauty

    Meaning: ‘Man’

    Meaning: ‘Bright or clear’

    Cora (Meaning: ‘Maiden’)

    Danica (Meaning: ‘Morning star’)

    Evelyn (Meaning: ‘Life’)

    Everleigh (Meaning: ‘From Ever’s meadow’)

    Hadley (Meaning: ‘From the heath covered meadow’)

    Harper (Meaning: ‘Harp’)

    Kennedy (Meaning: ‘Head’)

    Layla (Meaning: ‘Night’)

    Lila (Meaning: ‘Beauty’)

    Luna (Meaning: ‘Moon’)

    Mila (Meaning: ‘Gracious’)

    Pearl (Meaning: ‘pearl jewellery’)

    Perstephanie (Meaning: ‘to destroy’)

    Reign (Meaning: ‘to reign’)

    Willow (Meaning: ‘Slender’)

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