Revealed: Click Frenzy’s Nine Hottest Deals [Infographic]

Revealed: Click Frenzy’s Nine Hottest Deals [Infographic]
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Click Frenzy officially kicks off at 7pm tonight. There are going to be hundreds – nay, thousands – of bargains up for grabs ranging from tech to fashion. In addition to the regular sale, Click Frenzy will also be dropping flash deals at various points throughout the night with up to 99% off. Here are nine deals you’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for.

Click Frenzy’s ‘Go Nuts’ deals will be appearing online at random intervals starting at 7pm. These are the blink-and-you’ll-miss-them deals that everyone goes crazy for. This year’s assortment includes a Macbook Air for $15, a $4 GoPro Hero 7 and Dyson hairdryers for $5 apiece. You can check out all nine highlights below.

Revealed: Click Frenzy’s Nine Hottest Deals [Infographic]

Other newly announced deals to watch out for include LG’s 2.1 channel soundbar for $3, an Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker for $1 and a 65-inch UHDTV for $16. To qualify for these deals, you will need to register with Click Frenzy and jump through an assortment of “fun” hoops. (We explain how it’s done here.)

Click here for more Click Frenzy deals.


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