Oppo And Huawei Reveal 2019 Smartphone Plans

With Huawei passing Apple as the most prolific smartphone maker on the planet and OPPO now sitting in fifth position and rising, much of the smartphone innovation we’re seeing is coming from Chinese phone makers rather that the traditional Samsung and Apple powerhouses. Oppo’s plans for a folding phone have been revealed and an accidental leak reveals Huawei is doing something completely different.

In a report by Android World (the link is a translation from the original Dutch), Chuck Wang, OPPO product manager, said “We know that brands such as Samsung and Sony are working on a foldable phone. You can also expect more news from OPPO, perhaps at MWC”.

While that’s hardly a shocker – it seems that everyone has folding phone aspirations, Oppo had been reasonably quiet on that score. But I suspect that come Mobile World Congress next February we’ll see a plethora of folding handsets from almost every major phone maker.

With recent revelations in a leaked Android Pie build revealing mentions of Samsung’s leaked phone, we can expect support for folding to be a part of an upcoming Android build.

Not to be outdone, Huawei has been working with a supply partner on how to get rid of the notch in its phones. The company is reportedly putting a hole in their handsets.

Popular Chinese singer Jackson Yee revealed – probably not by accident – that the upcoming Huawei Nova 4 will have a hole in the display. How this is less annoying than a notch is hard to understand but I can imagine a bunch of new golfing games hitting the Play Store.

The new display is one of many different alternatives being developed by Samsung Display which is a separate division to the Korean phone maker’s smartphone business. And it already deals with competitors when selling its display design tech. So, seeing something like this appear in a Samsung rival handset is not beyond the realm of possibility.


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