Netflix's New Content Lineup For The Weekend Is Pretty Crappy

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If you were looking forward to binging some new Netflix shows this weekend you might want to make alternative plans. Between November 23 and November 25, Netflix will be releasing a grand total of three TV shows (none of which are Netflix Originals) and no movies at all. Lift your game, guys.

To be fair, Netflix released some decent content earlier in the week, including cooking series The Final Table and cult comedy Blazing Saddles. But your new picks for the weekend are very slim indeed. Here's everything that will be appearing on the service tonight:

TV Shows

Fugitiva (23 November)

A woman organizes a escape plan camouflaged as a kidnap to protect her children from her husband's enemies.

Frontier: Season 3 (23 November)

The battle for profit and power spans continents as ferocious outlaw Declan Harp takes his fight against the Hudson's Bay Company across the Atlantic.

Sick Note: Seasons 1 & 2 (23 November)

When Daniel Glass is misdiagnosed with a fatal disease he begins to notice how everyone around him treats him better, so he decides to keep pretending that he really is sick. This leads to more lies, and, eventually, crimes.

With the exception of Netflix's weekly episodic releases, that's your lot for the entire weekend. Unless you're a Jason Momoa fan, keeping entertained with new content is clearly going to be a struggle. Shockingly, you might need to fire up the DVD player. (Not watching TV obviously isn't an option.)

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    Lol does Netflix really need to release more than 3 shows per week? I'm behind on lots of shows, if you've seen everything Netflix has to offer maybe you need to watch less tv!

      Sounds like Chris is overpaid if he has the time to watch endless Netflix content. Life your game, Jaegster. We ain't all rich tech journalists loaded with freebies like you :-)

      I need a few months off work just to watch the shows on my list.

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