Jetstar’s Cheap Flights To Japan Are Back

For those who missed the earlier cheap flights to Japan in October, Jetstar is offering up some cheap flights for under $500.

This time around you’ll have to fly out from Sydney, which should be considered in your budget if you are not located in Sydney and would require another flight to get there. These are also one way flights, so you will have to book and pay for return flights separately to the deal.

Flights direct from Sydney start at $304 and go up from there depending on the end destination in Japan. With Osaka (Kansai) being the closest it makes sense to be the cheapest, while Tokyo (Narita) only costs an extra $10 to get to.

These deals are set for the travel period of Jan 22 to March 22 next year. For those of you looking to escape the heat of Australian summer and enjoy some skiing in Japan these flights are perfect.

Here are some things to consider doing while over there:

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Head over to Jetstar for the full deal while there are still seats available.


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