How To Find Cheap Wine That Doesn't Suck

Video: When most people choose a wine, they consider price. While it’s easy to gravitate towards the stuff in boxes at the front of the store, there are affordable gems to be found all around the shop. Such was the case with our Lifehacker staff writer, Alicia, whose expertise in personal finance inclines her toward more sensible purchase options.

As Jake Cahill of Vanderbilt Wine Merchants points out, shopping at a smaller store means that the cheaper options are more curated — if a store has limited space, they want to make sure they offer quality options at a variety of prices. Which means there’s never any judgement when a customer isn’t looking to drop hundreds of dollars at once.


    Easy. Go to Aldi.

      My philosophy was to look at the cheap section and go for the one with the most awards on its label. Usually a sign of quality if its winning awards.

      Aldi booze more than meets that criteria, they generally have a great track record there.

        Often the rewards are for the winery, not the wine, so be careful with that approach!

    The local bottle-o gave me a good tip. Go for anything imported in low numbers at around the $20-30 range.

    His theory is that anyone bothering to import something in limited supply that cheap must be good, otherwise they wouldn't bother.

    So far, that trick has worked every time (although some wouldn't call $20-30 cheap).

    So, I finally watched the video, and all I could glean from it is either to buy one of the bottles mentioned or ask the guy behind the counter for a recommendation.

    I'll definitely be using these tips next time I buy wine!

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