How To Enable Dark Mode On All Your Gadgets

As well as offering a very different aesthetic on your devices, enabling dark mode can save you some battery life, extending the time between trips to the charger, perhaps even allowing you to leave the charger at home sometimes. But how do you enable dark mode on your gadgets? Here’s how to enable it in Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”” title=”Use Dark Mode To Conserve Your Phone’s Battery Power” excerpt=”I’m a huge fan of night or dark mode and have written a ton about different apps and extensions you can use to darken up your screen. Any dark mode enthusiast will tell you about how using your device with a dark background rather than a white one will save your eyes as well as your device’s battery power. This week Google took things a step further and talked about how much battery power you’re saving by going dark.”]

How To Enable Dark Mode In macOS

In macOS Mojave, Apple added the ability to easily toggle Dark Mode on an off.

Go to System Preferences and in the general area, simply choose between Light and Dark.

If you go into the Desktop & Screen Saver section of system preferences, you can also choose to have your wallpaper dynamically change depending on the time of day.

How To Enable Dark Mode In Windows 10

The Windows 10 update released last month simplified the exercise of jumping into Dark Mode.

Open up Settings, tap or click on Personalization and then Colors. Scroll to the bottom and for Choose your default app mode, choose Dark.

Office and Edge have their own Dark Mode options.

In Office go to the File menu and choose Account. The default is Colorful but you can change it to Dark Gray or Black.

In Edge, click the triple-dot button in the top right corner and open Settings. Find Choose a theme and change it from Light to Dark.

How To Enable Dark Mode In iOS

Officially speaking, there is no Dark Mode in iOS. Or, at least, not as a feature you can find by looking for Dark Mode.

Go into Settings and open the General section. For there, tap into Accessibility and find the Invert Colours option. When you do that, I’d suggest using the “Smart Invert” option so your images and media don’t end up looking weird.

But it’s worth noting it’s not a true dark mode so some things will have their colours inverted in places where it doesn’t make sense.

How To Enable Dark Mode In Android

Android Pie has made it easy to enable Dark Mode.

Go into Settings and tap on Display. Then go to Display Theme and choose Dark.


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