How Samsung’s Folding Galaxy F Phone Will Work [Infographic]

How Samsung’s Folding Galaxy F Phone Will Work [Infographic]

Earlier in the month, Samsung revealed its world-second folding phone, and heralded a future of holographic displays while it was at it. This isn’t the first time Samsung has changed up its mobile display game, however, and to mark that fact it’s released an infographic of all its biggest developments over the years – including folding tech.

Samsung clearly isn’t averse to playing around with its phones displays, even before it developed one that could literally be bent in half. There was the Edge phone some years back – an experimental concept that took a few years to get right – and the neverending quest for a bezel-free phone.

This infographic takes us through those developments and more, culminating in the yet-to-be-released Samsung Galaxy F.

[Via Samsung]

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