The Best Overseas Holidays Under $5000

The Best Overseas Holidays Under $5000
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Every Australian who has ever ventured overseas knows that international holidays don’t come cheap. Not only do you have to factor in a hefty plane ticket price, but currency swings and travelling during peak season also comes into play. With that said, it’s possible for two people to travel surprisingly far on a modest budget of $5000 – with flights and accomdation included. has found that on a budget of $5000 there are some seriously affordable locations in reach for a two-person holiday.

Factoring in flights and accommodation, and budgeting for $100 spending money each day, we looked at ten of Australia’s favourite destinations to see how they stacked up against each other.

Bangkok, Thailand – 17 days

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Bangkok topped the list as the most affordable place to travel, with a princely total of 17 days’ holiday for two people. Known for its vibrant street life, once you’re in Bangkok you can treat yourself to world-renowned street food in their marketplaces or visit awe-inspiring shrines. Return tickets for two won’t cost you much over $1000, and the average price for a hotel in 2017 came in at $106.

You’ll want to avoid pesky currency conversion fees while in Thailand. ING’s Orange Everyday account lets you ditch international transaction fees when you deposit $1000 or more and make five or more card purchases that are settled each month. This makes ING’s Orange Everyday account a competitive investment before any international flight.

Bali, Indonesia – 15 days

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One of the most visited destinations for Aussie travellers, Bali is well known for its affordability. This destination came in second on our list with flights going for $1,499 for two people, and the average hotel price sitting at around $128.

However, as Bali’s popularity continues to skyrocket, so does the number of high-end hotels, shops and restaurants. It is possible to burn through your budget if you’re not careful.

Delhi, India – 12 days

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You may not realise it, but $5K will give you 12 days in Delhi, with flights coming in at $1,787 and an average hotel price at $155. It’s a total sensory overload in this Indian city, famous for its history, architecture, art and food. Day-to-day living is cheap and you can easily travel to must-see attractions, such as Humayun’s Tomb or the Lotus Temple.

Singapore – 11 nights

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Singapore has relatively low airfares thanks to its airport being one of the most popular stopover spots for long haul flights, with tickets setting you back $1,187.

Once you leave the airport, however, prices can jump much higher. An average hotel price is $218, and budget-conscious travellers should be careful to avoid Orchard Ave or any skyline cocktail bars if they want to keep costs down.

Tokyo, Japan – 10 days

The Best Overseas Holidays Under $5000Image: Getty Images

One of the more expensive destinations on our list, $5K can go quickly in Tokyo, but if you travel in off season times you’ll be able to take advantage of affordable flights and accommodation. We found airfares for $1,857 if you travel in April.

Average accommodation prices sit at $203, but if you’re in the mood for an experience you can check out a capsule hotel. There you’ll sleep in a pod for a more reasonable price of around $25.

In terms of travel funds, keep an eye out for 7-Eleven stores as its cash machines seem to work better than most, and try and carry a few different money options with you just in case.

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The Best Overseas Holidays Under $5000

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  • Tokyo is great but a word of advice, make sure you have plenty of cash! Not all ATM’s play nice with international cards and most restaurants only take cash as payment. If you are going to one of the big chain stores to buy say electronic equipment, generally you will be fine with a Credit card, but cash rules in all the back ally eateries(which is where you should always buy food!).

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