How To Watch Jeff Horn Vs Anthony Mundine: Live, Free And Online In Australia

Tonight, Jeff Horn will face off against Anthony Mundine in what is being billed as Australia’s biggest boxing event of the year. Here’s how to watch the match live, online and free!

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.jpg” title=”Horn Vs Mundine: Get The Live Stream Here!” excerpt=”In just a few hours’ time, Jeff Horn will face off against Anthony Mundine at Suncorp Stadium. You can live stream the fight on your phone or laptop with just a few clicks. Here are the links!”]

What time does Horn Vs Mundine start?

The fight takes place on Friday, November 30 at Suncorp Stadium at approximately 10:30pm AEDT.

How to watch Horn Vs Mundine online

The easiest way to watch the match live is via Main Event’s Pay Per View (PPV) platform.

You can also watch the pre-show and an undercard match on Fox Sports from 6:30pm.

How much is Horn Vs Mundine PPV?

A single PPV will set you back $59.95. Grab it here.

How can I watch Horn Vs Mundine for free?

The only legal way to watch the Horn Vs Mundine boxing match live is down the pub. Here are all the bars and pubs that will be showing the match live. (Type in your postcode to find the closest venue to your location.)

How to watch Horn Vs Mundine for free online

If you’re not above some flagrant abuse of copyright, one option is to trawl the internet for a cheeky broadcast on Facebook Live. This is precisely what happened during the Anthony Mundine Vs Danny Green pay-per-view boxing match last year. Darren Sharpe, a mechanic from Brisbane, ended up getting 112,000 viewers piggybacking off his Facebook Live stream of the fight.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”” title=”An Aussie Streamed Foxtel’s Pay-Per-View Boxing On Facebook Live, And Foxtel Called Him” excerpt=”In the past day, boxing fans on the internet went a little bit nuts. The long-awaited (like, decade-long) rematch between Anthony Mundine and Danny Green — a controversial 2006 fight itself — wasn’t really the reason, though.”]

Needless to say, Foxtel was not amused, but it did not pursue the matter legally. Sharpe was eventually forced to issue a public apology for breaking copyright law, but that was all he copped. Meanwhile, none of the people who watched the stream were punished in any way.

Just be aware that this is a pretty risky way to watch the fight – if a Facebook Live stream does appear, it will be of the handheld, bootleg variety and the broadcast could be shut down at any second. Also, it’s clearly an extremely dodgy thing to partake in. (For those interested, you can read up on the legalities of Facebook Live event streaming here.)


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