Five Things To Consider Before Switching To The NBN [Infographic]

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By 2020, every household in Australia is expected to connect to the NBN - and those who don't will have a raft of telecommunications products and services switched off. The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) has put together an infographic explaining five things you need to know to ensure the big switch runs as smoothly as possible.

When the NBN finally rolls into your area, everything from existing telephone networks to EFTPOS machines will be affected. If you're one of the approximately six million Australians who are clueless about the NBN, this infographic represents a great primer on what the switch over entails.

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It contains everything you need to know about the NBN, including how to register business devices, the differences you may encounter compared to existing networks and what to expect when dealing with installers. We trust that most Lifehacker readers are thoroughly across this information - but if you know someone who's still in the dark, send this link to bring them up to speed.

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