Telstra Has A Great Deal On SIM-Only Plans

Telstra Has A Great Deal On SIM-Only Plans
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Australia’s largest mobile network is currently offering $10 off all SIM-only plans off the back of Click Frenzy festivities. There are some great offers here, including 30GB of mobile data for just $39 per month! Here are the details.

Teltra’s BYO phone plans have been getting increasingly competitive in recent years. You still pay a premium (natch) but it’s no longer an insult to your wallet. This latest deal – which is only available until 5pm tomorrow – brings the pricing down to truly impressive levels.

You can currently knock $10 off a trio of SIM-only plans. This deal is available to both new and existing customers. Here are your options. (All are on a 12-month contract.)

It’s hard to look past the 30GB Mobile BYO Plan for $39, which works out to a minimum spend of $468 over 12 months.

30GB should be more than enough to get you through an average month of phone use, although heavy data users may also want to plump for the $59 plan. This doubles your data for an extra $20 per month.

Paying less than a buck per gigabyte is pretty damn good on the Telstra network. Naturally, all plans also include unlimited monthly calls, SMS and MMS. You can check out more details on Telstra’s website.

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