Black Friday Video Game Deals: PS4, Xbox One, PC And Switch [Updated]

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Damn, it feels good to be a gamer. Over the next few days, online retailers will be slashing the price of hundreds of video games with up to 90% off select titles. Here are the best deals so far on PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch!

The following deals come from a range of online merchants, including eBay, Amazon, Eb Games, Fanatical, Microsoft and Sony. To make life easier, we've assembled them in alphabetical order and highlighted our personal recommendations in bold.

Note: We'll be updating this list regularly as more deals appear online. (The sale doesn't officially begin until Friday.) Be sure to bookmark this page for more bargains in the days ahead!

PlayStation 4 Games

There are some corker deals available for Sony's black box, including God Of War for $29, Spider-Man for $39, Assassin's Creed Origins for $36, Fallout 76 for $49.76 and Red Dead Redemption 2 for $69. These are all AAA games that will keep you entertained for hours. You should also check out the Sony Store for console and accessory deals starting Friday.

Xbox One Games

As with the PS4 deals, it's hard to look past Assassin's Creed Origins for $36 here. If you're after a console exclusive, the underrated Titanfall 2 is an absolute steal for $12.99. If you're looking to upgrade to the Xbox One X or Xbox One S, the Microsoft Store also has some solid console bundles.

PC Games

The just released Fallout 76 is the standout here - down from $79 to $49.76. You should also check out Fanatical's mammoth Black Friday sale - be sure to use the discount code 'BLACKFRIDAY10' for an extra 10% off!

Nintendo Switch games

The pickings are slimmer for the Switch, we're afraid. (But that could change come Friday.) We're going to give a shoutout to the Aussie-made L.A. Noire for $28. Despite being a little frayed around the collar (it originally came out for the Xbox 360), it remains one of the best hard-boiled detective games money can buy.

Consoles / Gaming Laptops

Game accessories

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    Looks like Detroit Become Human is now $40.95 instead of $29

    Far Cry 5 Standard Edition can be had for $35.98 if you spend 100 Uplay credits on top of the discount they have in their store ($44.97).
    I had to copy and paste the code into Notepad, as the sale page seemed to clear it from memory, but it accepted it.

    This seems to be standard MO for Ubisoft, even though they will state that codes are not allowed on top of discounts, it appears they do little to enforce it.

    The PS4 link for Far Cry 5 is showing as $25 with free delivery !
    Woot !

    Hmm... God of War and Spiderman for $69... i can get into this Black Friday thing.

    Huge oversight not including the consoles themselves. It would be super helpful these days where Sony and MS have several versions of their hardware floating around.

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