How To Get Your iPhone X And MacBook Pro Repaired

One of the most frustrating things about being an Apple customer is that it can take the company a long time to admit when there’s a systemic issue with a particular device. But when they do, their repair programs are usually very good. The company has launched repair programs to deal with issues faced by iPhone X and MacBook Pro owners.

The iPhone X Display Module Replacement Program has been kicked off in response to touch issues due as the result of component failure on the display module.

If you’re suffering this issue, you may find that part of the display doesn’t respond to touch or you experience the “phantom touch” problem where the screen reacts as if it has been touched even though it hasn’t.

If your device has a cracked screen or any other defect, this will need to be resolved before the repair – something that may incur a cost if you get Apple to do it.

The repair will be carried out free of charge. And, if your phone was previously repaired as a result of this issue and you paid for the repair, you may be eligible for a refund.

Non Touch Bar 13-inch MacBook Pro models have also reported an issue with SSDs. The support page for this issue lets you enter your device’s serial number to check if you’re eligible for the repair program.

If your device is eligible for this report program you must back up your data before taking your device in as all data will be erased during the repair process.


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