Why Your Man Needs A Sex Toy

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If you’re reading this, it’s quite possible you have – or at the very least, someone you know has – tried a sex toy. And of course why wouldn’t you? They’re great. You might use yours every day or only break it out as a birthday treat, either way it’s likely to give you some bloody awesome orgasms. The kind of orgasms, in fact, that you might want for your significant other. If you need more persuading as to why your boyfriend needs a sex toy then here are seven failsafe reasons.

#1 They’re good for him

Just like our hands are good for us, men’s hands are good for them. But do you know what’s better than our hands? Our vibrators, because they’ve been specifically designed to give us the best sensations and orgasms possible. And it’s the same for mens sex toys. Something like a cup stroker offers incredible orgasms thanks to its lining.

This realistic mini stroker has a penetrable canal filled with frons, ridges, bumps and nodules to stimulate every inch of his glans and shaft. There’s nothing unusual about it, it’s been designed to give him maximum satisfaction. Isn’t that what he deserves? If the prospect of a realistic stroker is diving too far into the deep end, there are plenty of non-anatomical numbers guaranteed to satisfy. Open-ended, they can be used in foreplay or even in oral sex like this Textured Blow Job Stroker.

#2 They’re good for you too

Something like a cock ring is great for solo play or couple’s satisfaction. They slip around the base of the penis – or sometimes over the balls – and offer gentle constriction which can help to maintain erections for longer. Furthermore, some cock rings like this Bionic Bullet 5 Function Vibrating Cock Ring, have been designed for both partners’ pleasure in mind. It has a vibrating bullet covered in a textured sleeve to transmit strong vibrations straight to the clitoris or other sensitive areas.

#3 They can enhance what he has

There are lots of ways to try to enhance the size of one’s penis. Penis pumps are designed to increase the size of the penis instantly. They create a vacuum, drawing blood into the shaft making it engorged. Using a penis pump in conjunction with a cock ring can make firmer, longer lasting erections.

Even if increasing the size of your man’s penis has never crossed either of your minds, penis pumps can still be a great addition to the bedroom. It can be quite thrilling for both partners to watch the blood flow into the shaft and the erection stiffen. Furthermore, regular use can improve general penile health and may have semi-permanent size results – which is great, especially when using one created with his pleasure in mind like this.

#4 They can deliver the renowned prostate orgasm

Sex toys can stimulate women’s hard to reach areas and provide those enviable blended orgasms. Similarly, sex toys have now been designed to target one of the most explosive areas in a man’s body: the prostate gland. Most easily stimulated via the anal canal, a few inches up on the wall closest to the stomach, the prostate gland, also known as P-spot, is the area which, when stimulated, can lead to full-body orgasms and multiple climaxes.

Luckily there are toys specifically designed to locate this wonder-gland, aptly named prostate massagers. The majority of them have a tapered and curved tip to massage the gland and ensure stimulation in the correct spot. Many of them, like this Mantric P-spot Probe, also feature external stimulators to give attention to the perineum or balls. The toys can be used alone, or during sex or foreplay, to give your guy the most explosive orgasms he’s ever had.

#5 They’re a turn on

If you’re concerned that his toys might replace you, or be a turn off for you, think again. Lots of toys, from strokers, to cock rings, pumps and sleeves, come in a translucent material so you can watch exactly what is going on with your man, which can be a real turn on for both. Plus, it can make mutual masturbation a lot more exciting as it means you get to break out your own beloved sex toy.

#6 He’ll get to know himself

And it’ll probably help you in the long run. By using different toys, he’ll find different ways to pleasure himself and get to know what he likes best. By then sharing this information with you, you’ll be able to make sure he has the best possible orgasm every time.

#7 Three’s company

If one of you is into the idea of a threesome, and the other would rather stick pins in their eyes, it’s safe to say it probably won’t happen. Something like a Fleshlight or a realistic masturbator like the THRUST Pro Elite Alana can be the perfect addition to the bedroom to facilitate a fun and thrilling compromise.

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