What Your Urine Colour Says About Your Health [Infographic]

What Your Urine Colour Says About Your Health [Infographic]

It’s not something you might think about often, but your pee can tell you a lot about your body. This colour-coded infographic shows what different urine hues might say about your health.

In particular, pee colour – which ranges from completely clear to golden and even weirder colours like blue or green – can tell you if you’re hydrated enough. If you don’t see any colour you might be drinking too much water, while dark yellow or amber are signs to go fill your water glass.

As the accompanying blog from the Cleveland Clinic spells out, human urine has been a useful tool of diagnosis since the earliest days of medicine. The colour, density and smell can all reveal much about the general state of our health.

Some health issues might also be suggested by more disturbing urine colours, but this is just one sign and, as usual, it’s best to consult a doctor if you’re concerned. Here’s the colour guide:

What Your Urine Colour Says About Your Health [Infographic]

[Via Cleveland Clinic]

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