This Is What Cat Vision Looks Like

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It's National Cat Day in the USA today. We don't celebrate Cat Day in Australia - which probably has something to do with all the native wildlife they devour. Nevertheless, these animals still have plenty of fans Down Under, so we figured we'd use the event to look at how felines view the world. If you've ever wondered what your pet cat sees when it stares at you (apart from a source of food and contempt), here is the answer.

A cat's eyes contain two types of photoreceptors, called rods and cones. Cones are responsible for seeing colours, while rods help vision in low light. While humans have three cones for red, green and blue vision, cats only have two, which are likely green and blue.

This means cats are able to see some colours vividly, but others in a vastly different way to how humans do. They also have far superior night vision - which is why their eyes reflect light in the dark.

Cats also have a wider field of view than humans, though the amount of it that's in focus is about the same. Cats are more short-sighted than humans, but they make up for it with increased acuity in other senses.

You can see a mock up of how cats see in this video:

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