The Huawei Mate20 Pro Comes With Some Pretty Sweet Pre-Order Freebies

Huawei lifted the curtains on its Mate20 Pro smartphone today during a special launch event in London. In the wake of all those laser-precision leaks, there weren’t many surprises during the launch. One thing we weren’t expecting were pre-order goodies that actually don’t suck.

It has become customary for Android smartphone manufacturers to offer pre-order freebies with new flagship models. The Huawei Mate20 Pro is thankfully no exception. For a limited time, it will come with not one, but two free accessories values at nearly $350. Here’s what you get if you pre-order:

  • Wireless Huawei Freebuds (RRP: $199): The Huawei Freebuds are IP54 rated for water and sweat resistance and come with four ergonomic liquid silicone eartips.
  • Huawei wireless charger (RRP: $149): The Huawei Mate 20 Pro boasts Fast 15W Wireless charging – which makes this accessory a must.

No too shabby eh? It almost helps to take the sting out of that $1599 price tag.

You can pre-order the Huawei Mate20 Pro from today. Here’s the specifications, availability and pricing info.


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