The Cheapest Way To Watch UFC 229 / Khabib Vs McGregor

Watching UFC 229 live in Australia can cost anything up to $98, depending on the streaming service and subscription package you plump for. Fortunately, if you have a PlayStation 4 it's possible to get the price down to just $49.95. Here are the details!

To get this deal, you need a connected PlayStation 4 video game console and a PlayStation Plus membership. If you don't have the latter, no sweat - Sony is currently offering a 14-day free trial. To get the deal, head to the PlayStation Plus section in the PS Store, download the free trial and activate your membership. Then search for "UFC229" in the search bar and purchase a pass. The total should come to $49.95.

This is 10 per cent cheaper than a Main Event pay-per-view pass - which also requires access to the Foxtel or Optus TV app. Not bad, eh?

For more streaming options - legal or otherwise - head to our UFC 229 viewing guide.


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