Reminder: Lodge Your Tax By Next Week

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Another year, another tax deadline fast approaching. If you've been putting off doing your tax until now, it's time to bite the bullet and get it done - you only have a week left before you risk getting fined.

The tax deadline for this year is October 31, 2018, so it's time to get cracking! If you're lodging your tax yourself, you'll have to go through MyGov to use the MyTax system - remember it's no longer e-tax, so if you find yourself doing e-tax you're on a third party website.

Find MyTax here - after logging in, navigate to Tax > Lodgments > Income tax and go for your life. The new system pre-fills information the government has been given, making it relatively easy to complete.

If you're lodging through a registered tax accountant, you don't have to meet the tax deadline - however you do have to notify your accountant that you will be lodging through them. If you go through an agent, your deadline will be 15 May 2019 instead.

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    Not sure what happens now but years ago, I missed the October deadline which meant I couldn’t do it online. I had to lodge a paper one. (in a real envelope).
    You can’t just download the PDF either, I went to a real tax office and requested a paper form and the guy gave me a funny look. Not sure if I missed something or he didn’t know something.
    Anyway I didn’t get fined. I was just an ordinary joe with no fancy (or bogus) deductions or nuffink.

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