A Quick Look At Element Case iPhone XS Protection

Image: Element Case

The iPhone XS, and its predecessor the iPhone X, have a reputation for fragility, owing to their glass backs. Many people have suffered the hassle and expense of dropping their phones and discovering a Picasso-like shattering of the screen or back. Element Case has a bunch of funky-looking protective cases for the latest iPhones.

Roll Cage

The Element Case Roll Cage harkens back to the company's origins in a a Silicon Valley garage/studio of industrial designer Jeff Sasaki. It was packed bikes, motorcycles, a 1969 Camaro and a dog called Sprocket.

The two-piece case provides the iPhone with plenty of protection. The main section provides almost all the shielding. The case I tested was a lurid green with the second section snapping on to protect the back of the phone. If you use a wireless charging system, the rear case needs to be removed. But you can put the back section on the front of the phone if you don't need to use the display or if the phone is floating about, inside a satchel or bag.

If you like to change cases, the iPhone can be easily extracted from the Roll Cage.

The Roll Cage is available locally for $79.95.


Element Case has taken quite a different approach with the Vapor-S. The two-part case is connected with five small screws - there's a screwdriver and spare screws in the box, so quick switches between cases are out of the question. But the aluminium front and polycarbonate back house shock-absorbing bumpers in the corners that shield the iPhone X or iPhone XS from most impacts. There's also a glass backing plate in the package to protect the rear a little more.

Like the Roll Cage, all the buttons and ports are easily accessible and Element Case says it has MIL-SPEC drop protection.

The Vapor-S is available locally for $99.95.


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