New Macbook Air: Australian Pricing, Specifications And Release Date

New Macbook Air: Australian Pricing, Specifications And Release Date
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There’s a new Macbook Air coming to the market, and while Apple hasn’t changed anything major in its most popular laptop, it’s promising big upgrades on the last generation of Macbook Airs. Here’s what you need to know if you want to get your hands on a new Macbook in Australia.

What’s New

The new Macbook Air is a big step up, bringing some of Apple’s biggest tech innovations to the portable Air form factor. The biggest difference is that the Macbook Air now boasts a Retina display, and other notable display upgrades. The resolution has been upped from 1440×900 to 2560×1600, and has 48 per cent more colour than the previous generation, boosting image quality on the Macbook Air all around.

A number of other features have been transplanted from other Apple tech into the new Macbook Air, including TouchID for secure login, and a trackpad including Force Touch tech. The trackpad has been increased in size for easier gesturing, along with improved pressure-sensing and haptic feedback.

The new Macbook Air also comes in a number of different colours, where previous models were only available in silver. As well as the classic silver, you can also get a new Macbook Air in gold or space grey. The aluminium alloy used for the laptop’s enclosure is now sourced from entirely recycled materials for the first time, leading Apple to dub it the ‘greenest Mac ever’.

While the form factor is quite similar to older models, the new design shaves around 100g off the weight, a plus for anyone carrying their Macbook around everywhere.

As for changes that not everyone will appreciate, the new Macbook Air has far fewer ports than its predecessor. In fact it only has three now: two Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports that can be used for charging, data and display, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. At least it still has the headphone jack, though.


The new Retina Macbook Air is a little pricier than its predecessor, with the above upgrades taken into mind. The model with a 128GB SSD will set you back $1849 in Australia, while the upgraded model with a 256GB SSD will go for $2149.

Release Date

The new MacBook Air models will be available from November 7 in Australia. You can pre-order on the Apple website now, with models shipping by November 6.

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  • My MacBook Air is five years old now so I am keen to update. I am definitely going to miss the MagSafe connector however, (as well as the glowing Apple logo, but that’s just really aesthetics).

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