Matty Matheson’s Devon Bowl Is Very Satisfying

Matty Matheson’s Devon Bowl Is Very Satisfying

My aesthetic — both as it pertains to food and in general — can best be described as “horny raccoon”. Though I have been known to mess with a tasting menu, I am fully sincere in my love for processed delights such as burger cheese and devon, and will continue to champion chefs and food personalities with similar dispositions.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”” title=”Fried Leek Greens Are Excellent On Scrambled Eggs” excerpt=”The green parts of the leek doesn’t get enough love. Almost every leek-containing recipe tells you that you don’t need them, that they’re too tough, and unworthy of you. This is all false. Though they are a bit tougher than their white counterparts, they have a lot of flavour within those hard-to-break-down cellular walls, and they make an eggscellent breakfast accessory.”]

I’m sure no one is surprised by this, but I am extremely all about Toronto chef and Viceland star Matty Matheson (and can’t wait to get my hands on his new cookbook).

Not only does he seem like a warm and delightful human with a great selection of T-shirts, his recipes are on point, and he isn’t afraid of ingredients other, more classist people might shun as “icky”. (Honestly if you eat mortadella, but not devon, you’re a fraud and should feel badly about yourself.)

Anyway, the goddamn devon bowl, which Matty learned of from his mother-in-law, is the ultimate convenience breakfast, and is the only breakfast bowl I’m truly interested in eating. (Smoothie bowls are officially over.) My only criticism? He didn’t call it “The Bowlogna” (devon is called bologna in the US).

Let Matty walk your through the recipe in the video above, but it’s pretty simple. Just take a bowl, put four slices of devon down, throw a slice of burger cheese in there, and tenderly crack an egg on top. Microwave for three minutes, and eat with buttered toast soldiers.

It’s perfect as is, but it’s also extremely riffable. Leftover roasted potatoes, mushrooms and caramelised onions would be tasty — just layer them on top of the cheese but under the egg — as would my bff fried leek greens. If you’d put it in an omelette, you can put it in a devon bowl.

Bologna Bowl Recipe | Vice Munchies

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