How To Remove A Leech Properly [Infographic]

How To Remove A Leech Properly [Infographic]
the blood-sucking leech tucks on the human skin in tropical rain forest.

Spring is a great time to spend the day out on the lake. Leeches think so too. If you take a dip in your local lake and come out with a new gross friend, don’t panic. Just follow the steps in this graphic to get rid of it.

Leeches, like vampires, love the taste of blood. Unlike vampires, they’re relatively harmless. If you can handle the idea of sharing your precious bodily fluids, the least harmful solution is to let the leech have its meal, at which point it will detach willingly without harming you.

The alternative is to use a flat object like a credit card to press the leech’s head to the side to remove it. You’ll want to get rid of it quickly as the leech will instinctively try to reattach. Make sure you have bandages nearby so you’re ready to stop the flow of blood.

Learn to Remove a Leech With This Handy Chart

[Via The Art of Manliness]


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