Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted: Apple’s folding iPhone patents, Netflix’s latest binge list, PlayStation protection tips and Australian housing market bubble predictions. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from last week.

  1. Netflix Released Some Seriously Cool Content This Weekend
    Here is your Netflix binge list for the weekend, fresh from the Australian servers! The best brand-new content includes season three of Marvel’s Daredevil, supernatural chiller Haunted, South Korean sci-fi Illang: The Wolf Brigade and the hotly anticipated crime documentary Making A Murderer Part 2!
  2. The Australian Housing Bubble Could Be About To PopThere are two things that can happen to an asset price bubble. It can burst dramatically, or deflate slowly. Which brings us to the Australian housing market.
  3. The Best NBN Providers, According To Netflix
    As we’re all aware – and probably sick of hearing — NBN speeds are a contentious topic. Picking an NBN plan should be a simple equation where we weigh up the speed and data included in a plan versus the price you pay. But it hasn’t turned out to be so neat and tidy.
  4. Everything Coming To Netflix Australia This Week (Oct 15)
    October is shaping up to be a damn good month for Netflix releases, and this week is no exception. Here are the newly added shows and movies you can catch this week, October 15 to 21, on Netflix.
  5. How To Reclaim Space On Your Windows 10 Hard Drive After The October Update
    It feels like Microsoft is ramping up its major system updates for Windows, with one now coming every six months or so. But the problem, apart from Redmond eating your files, is that Windows updates always leave a lot of temporary files and other space-stealing junk on your PC. This can accumulate over time and eat up many wasted gigabytes, which you may not be able to spare—nor should you have to.
  6. Go Home Samsung, You’re Drunk
    You’re looking at an official image of the Samsung Galaxy A9 – a new, mid-range smartphone boasting not one, not two, not three, but four rear-facing cameras. Samsung. Mate. Do you need us to call you a taxi?
  7. Apple’s Folding iPhone Is Actually Legit
    Over the past few months, the most exciting thing in smartphone news has been Samsung’s foldable ‘Galaxy X’ – an all-new product category that has the potential to transform mobile computing. In response, Apple appears to be fast-tacking plans to release a rival product of its own. No, really.
  8. How To Keep Your PlayStation 4 Protected
    Over the weekend Reddit users started reporting that some PlayStation 4 players were receiving messages that bricked their consoles, forcing a factory reset to return the console to working condition. To avoid facing this fate on your own console and losing your precious PlayStation data, here are some steps to make sure your console and account are secure and protected.
  9. The Google Pixel 3 XL Will Be A Terror To Repair
    Smartphone teardown and repair specialist iFixIt has put their toolkit up against the Google Pixel 3 and found Google’s latest uber-phone is going to be a tough to fix if gravity and a solid surface ever device to team up to cause some damage. In their teardown, they discover that screen repairs are going to be a whole lot harder and Google may have taken out shares in a glue factory given how much adhesive is packed into the portable computing powerhouse.
  10. Oh Dear. Scott Morrison’s Website Has Been Taken Over By Trolls
    Google’s new Pixel phone isn’t so much a revolution as a solid improvement: like this year’s iPhones, Google is making incremental changes this year. If you’re wondering whether it’s worth going for the shiny new Pixel 3 over the now sure-to-be-discounted Pixel 2, read on.


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