Is The Demon Voice In ‘The Devil And Father Amorth’ Real?

When you sit down to watch some spooky movies this week you may be tempted by The Devil And Father Amorth, an exorcism film with a difference. Made by The Exorcist director William Friedkin, The Devil And Father Amorth claims to chronicle a real life exorcism, devoid of theatrics and special effects: but is it really as unaltered as it claims to be?

One of the most striking parts of the documentary film is the voice that comes out of the documentary subject, an Italian woman known as ‘Cristina’, during her bouts of demonic possession. It’s a terrifying double-toned voice, straight out of a horror movie.

‘If this footage is real and unedited’, you think while watching this film, ‘maybe possession is real and the Devil is real and the world is actually a whole lot scarier than we all thought.’

While the voice sounds just a little too horror-moviey to be real, Friedkin swears it was exactly as captured on tape in an interview with Vulture. When the interviewer asked “there was no manipulation (of the voice) in postproduction at all?” Friedkin answers: “I wouldn’t fuck around with that! That’s ridiculous!”

Many people still don’t believe that claim, however. Some have speculated that another person in the room was creating the screams through ventriloquism, though that kind of practiced act seems just as unrealistic as the voice itself.

Eventually, however, one user of the Steve Hoffman Music Forums hunted down a recording of the exorcism from before the Netflix movie was released and (spoilers) the voice sounds quite a bit different.

While ‘Cristina’s voice still sounds gutteral and unnatural, it’s in no way the unearthly two-toned scream you hear on Netflix. Sorry Billy, but you should have just left it as is.

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