Is iiNet Really Australia’s Best NBN Provider? Rival Plans Compared

Is iiNet Really Australia’s Best NBN Provider? Rival Plans Compared
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Consumer watchdogs CHOICE recently published the results of their Best NBN Providers report, and found iiNet at the top of the heap. Combining real-world speed tests and customer satisfaction scores, iiNet sits in first place above TPG, Telstra and Optus – in that order.

To find the best, the CHOICE team collect speed tests from a couple of thousand volunteers who agree to install performance monitoring boxes in their homes. Over the past six-months, iiNet has come out on top, delivering an average of 75-percent maximum speed.

So iiNet is doing a good job, but how does it compare on price? Let’s begin by looking at the other ISPs in the CHOICE shortlist.

NBN Standard Plus (50) Plans

In general, you’ll pay extra for the award-winning iiNet performance. Optus mobile phone plan subscribers get the best deal after you deduct the $10 per month bundle discount Optus offers, and TPG is, as always, a low-cost option.

iiNet pricing isn’t too far off the pace, and given that its customer satisfaction score is much higher than the competition (6 percentage points higher than the next closest), iiNet looks like a worry free option for the extra money.

NBN Premium (100) Plans

For the top tier NBN speeds, iiNet is more competitive and thanks to a current promotion, you can get a Fetch TV premium service bundled in for free.

TPG is still cheaper, and also ranks well for speed in the CHOICE test results, but has a lower customer satisfaction score.

How about everyone else?

As you probably suspected, there are even better NBN 50 speed deals if you bring in the smaller providers. One of the current limitations of the CHOICE testing is that it is hard to find representative samples of the smaller ISPs, so the focus tends to be on the major brands.

Spintel and Exetel are winning the price war for lowest cost NBN plans right now, but others like Click, Sumo and even Aussie Broadband are nipping at their heels. It’s also always interesting to see how much cheaper Telstra-owned Belong is when compared with Telstra itself. I expect Belong to be cheaper, but I’m always surprised at how much cheaper it is.

iiNet Has Been Crowned Australia's Best NBN Provider

Consumer advocacy group Choice keeps track of NBN performance and customer satisfaction across retailers, and this week has named iiNet the best NBN provider for the last six months. The rankings are based off speed monitoring and customer surveys, and are designed to help consumers pick a provider that won't leave them with a dodgy connection.

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Joe Hanlon is Publisher at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website. He’s been writing about phones and plans for far too long.


  • When it comes to the NBN, you need good customer support because you are going to be ringing for it a bit so I wouldn’t be looking for the cheapest NBN plan as its usually the customer service that takes a cut.

  • I actually moved away from iinet after 20 years with them.
    Customer service was so bad. I moved to Dodo, sure the speed is not great but their tech and customer service are prompt and do follow up.

  • iinet are great until you need to contact their support. then it all falls apart. you’re looking at weeks to get anything other than an acknowldement of logging an issue. and don’t even bother trying to call them – if you do manage to get to a human in their overseas call centres it’s unlikely they’ll be able to assist.
    they keep touting this “number 1 in customer service” line, but last time i checked the basis of that was such a small sample of users and so out of date that it was laughable.

    • i personally feel …
      the only reason iinet are still able to use the “number 1 in customer service” tagline … is that they bought out other providers (eg. westnet) that used to TRULY hold that title.

      As time has gone by (and iinet has switched those users over the iinet system) … yeah, my personal experiences don’t match iinet’s public spin

      Phil – infact, my experiences are akin to yours … (and i’ve been with westnet/iinet for 16+ years!!!)

  • this is not true

    they are not the best nbn provider and iinet suffer from congestion all the time

    my friend in ACT has fttn and his line is capable of 40mbps !

    he never got this with iinet and always used to get 21 or 25 !

    he changed to launtel and he is getting 39mbps all day all night !

    and when nbn fttn be available for me too ! i will cancel TPG and go with launtel !

  • Personally I have preferred Internode since I joined them 11 years ago, and even though they have been eaten by TPG/iiNet, would still prefer them if I still had control of my provider. (medical issue), have always been better then my current supply of westnet/iiNet.

  • I was with iinet with FTTP. i got half a megabit downstream in the evenings if i was LUCKY.
    the number of hoops to get them to even acknowledge that something was wrong even though there was an ACTIVE FAULT for my area was insane.This was after 2 hours on the phone waiting on hold (numerous times, dont expect them to actually call you back and also make sure they actually created a ticket for your call) i switched providers and oh wow look it wasnt my equipment after all, just an insanely oversold service that they kept cramming more customers onto.

    In their defence, when i was on adsl before moving house into a nbn area it was flawless 17mbps even in the evenings (this of course meant i didnt need to deal with support soo….)

  • Haven’t yet moved to the NBN in my area, but back 4 years ago I really enjoyed the customer service of iinet, The hold times where generally 10 minutes or less, The only reason I was pushed away was telstras rotting copper,

    Then I moved to Optus cable… If I ever have to deal with optus customer support again, I will drive 40 min each way to the nearest store,

    I accumulated over 14 hours of hold time trying to set up direct debiting, after there chatbot decided to crash the moment you said “direct debit”, there automated phone system that only points you back to the chatbot… and around in circles we go.

    If iinets support is anything like before, They are a strong contender when my area is converted, otherwise looks like TPG is in for the win.

  • Is iiNet Really Australia’s Best NBN Provider?

    Like what others have said, it used to be before TPG bought them.

    The deal breaker for me was how there was a prolonged outage (the whole day in fact!) and I only learned via social media.

    The fact they could not even be bothered to report a critical outage on their own Web site is what finally tore it for me.

  • I went to My Republic after iinet were taken over by TPG. I don’t know about their customer service as there’s never been a problem. I had trouble even remembering their name.

  • No.

    Aussie Broadband is the best NBN Provider. Period.

    They activated my previous FTTP connection at a block of units within 2 hours on the second UNID port of the NBN box. Their support is unparalleled.

    Now I’m on HFC NBN and they managed to get that connected in 3 days. One visit from an NBN guy to chuck the box on a Foxtel point and a few hours later I was up and running.

    $80 for 500GB at 100/40.

  • I have had a 100 plan with Optus (FTTH) for over a year now and the only issue I have experienced was when a damn garbo caught the cable while emptying a bin (entire street wiped out – Foxtel too). That was fixed within one working day (unfortunately as it happened on a Friday I waited until Monday – but that was out of Optus’ hands).

    Speed can weirdly fluctuate, but I’m generally getting around the 60-70mbs speeds.

    I had been with iiNet for more than 10yrs prior to that and had largely enjoyed the service. But I had a naked account and occasionally I would be cut off if a Telstra contractor was lazy when making new connections. This happened at least 12 times in that 10yr period. Average was usually a week outage.

    Yet I was still happy with the crappy average of about 700kbs speeds I would get then.

    I pay the same amount now as I did then. The NBN wasn’t supposed to save me money – just give me more bandwidth. This it has done and I seem to be lucky with a stable and uncongested connection.

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