How Your Job Affects Your Ability To Secure A Home Loan [Infographic]

How Your Job Affects Your Ability To Secure A Home Loan [Infographic]
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A successful home loan application generally requires a steady job. However, there are a range of additional factors that can seriously hamper your borrowing power with banks, even if your salary is higher than average. This superhero-themed infographic outlines the various occupational pitfalls that can trip up applicants.

This infographic from Home Loan Experts looks at the various ways your job can affect your home loan application. Using a clever superhero motif, it lays out the cold facts for a range of occupations and lifestyles; from government contractors and part-time workers to foreign citizens and people over 55. Plus, it looks super cool.

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  • Banks are looking for people that have one job, with a reliable employer, have had it a good while, and work consistent patterns. Classic Monday to Friday, big employer, career employee sort of thing.

    You know, the sort of job most people dont do these days… Anything outside of that raises questions they’ll want answers to. Doesnt knock you out of the running, just increases the possible risks.

    So, get a Govt job and work in it for 5 years, and you’re set. Working 2 days at Bunnings is just as certain an outcome as well, just probably not the one you want.

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