How To Keep Crunchy Taco Shells From Breaking

Photo: Luca Nebuloni, Flickr Creative Commons

Biting into a crunchy taco, only to have the bottom crack and the fillings spill out, is definitely a tragedy, but it’s preventable: You just need to heat them up a bit.

As you may or may not know, I have been on quite the Matty Matheson kick recently, and happened upon this tip while watching a YouTube video of him critiquing YouTube videos, which features Kylie Jenner and Karrueche Tran making prawn tacos (poorly).

In it, he tells Karrueche Tran that her “shells broke, bro”, then offers a solution. “If you were to just put that in the oven for a little bit, let ‘em warm up, let those oils go around, they’ll break a little bit less, [and] they’ll become less bitter.” He then adds, “I don’t know. Why is Kylie Jenner doing anything?” which is fair.

To try this for yourself, heat your oven to 95C and pop your crunchy shells in there while you you prepare the rest of your fillings. Once they’re nice and warm and smell all toasty, remove them from the oven and fill as usual. (You could also just use soft tortillas, but sometimes one just needs a crunchy taco shell.)


    That's what the packet says to do . . warm them in the oven - wow, ground breaking

    Normal taco, then a toritalla around it to hold it all in place. Plunder your supply of super charged sauce and smear on the tortilla first.

      I like your idea better

        It's delicious. You can also add extra shredded lettuce to the in between layer as well. A taco can't fit anything else in after you add lettuce.

    Isn't that how you are supposed to make them? Pretty sure it tells you to do that on the taco box. On the Old El Paso ones it does, anyway.

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