How To Delete Your Google+ Account

How To Delete Your Google+ Account
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Google’s attempt to take over the world of social networking, Google+ never really gained the traction the company hoped. And any hope of it catching up to Facebook were scotched last week when a massive hack was revealed resulting in the search giant announcing they would be shutting the service down next year. But in order to protect yourself now, here’s how to delete your Google+ profile.

To delete your Google+ profile follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Google account and click on your profile pic. If you have a profile on Google+ you’ll see that just under your email address.
  2. How To Delete Your Google+ Account
  3. Click on the Google+Profile link. That will open your profile.
  4. Click on Settings.
  5. How To Delete Your Google+ Account
  6. Scroll right to the bottom and click on the “Delete your Google+ Profile” link
  7. How To Delete Your Google+ Account
  8. To complete the process, you’ll need to authenticate yourself.
  9. Read the information on the screen, check the relevant checkboxes and click the Delete button.
  10. You’ll have to check a reason to tell Google why you’re leaving. Unsurprisingly, “Security Breach” isn’t on the list. But you can choose “Other” and give that as a reason.


  • There was no hack. There was a data leak. Still serious, but ‘hack’ indicates that someone breached their security, rather than data being left unsecured and accessible.

    • And to add, there’s no evidence anyone external actually noticed the data was exposed and slurped it up.

      With their Project Zero Google are usually pretty quick to release details of others’ security lapses but were quiet on Google’s own shortcoming.

  • I don’t quite get this. A potential security hole that was never breached is a reason to shutdown a product. Seriously? Better shut down the Internet!

    Maybe it was more like. Google+ is going nowhere, no longer a core part of our plan, too many alternatives, oh yes, and it has potential security issues. Most of the stuff on Plus is cross-posted and only because they can. Time to bury the body.

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