Don’t Email Scott Morrison Through His Hijacked Domain

With PM Scott Morrison’s website being taken over after failing to renew the domain name, we’ve all had a good laugh at the PM’s expense. But there’s a slightly scary side to the whole matter. Now that the PM has lost control of his domain, he won’t be receiving any email being sent to that domain.

The Melbourne man, Jack Genshin, who took the domain over, who said this was the “Most fun I’ve had with $50 in a long time”. But with control of a domain name comes great responsibility.

Genshin can now receive any email sent to the domain.

While the PM has an official email address for parliamentary business and can be contacted through the PM’s offical website, it’s possible some people send messages to the personal website. And I imagine that it’s possible a few messages could have made their way through to the new owner of the domain if he’d configured the MX records and an email service for the domain.

There is an important lesson to be learned from this administrative error (the PM’s team seems little prone these issues don’t they?). Most domain registrars let you set up automatic renewals. And, at the very least, they send regular reminders about domain expiry dates and ensuring your contact details are up to date.

Someone at ScoMo’s office dropped the ball on this one.


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