Dear Apple, Get With The Download Program

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Over the last ten years, cellular data availability has increased massively and the cost has plummeted. Many people don't have fixed broadband at all, preferring to work and play purely on cellular data networks. Which begs the question - why does Apple limit App Store downloads?

If you're trying to download a new app from the App Store, Apple has a hard coded limit of 150MB. There's no way for users to decide whether they are happy to download larger apps or not.

The limit used to be 100MB but it was increased to 150MB in iOS 11.

There is a rather cumbersome workaround, described at iDownloadBlog, which involves starting the download, going into settings and disabling automatic date and time setting, advancing the clock and then continuing the download.

Needless to say, this is a ludicrous process.

It's time for Apple to give users control of how they use their data. Sure, put up a warning letting users know they are initiating a large download, but give users the choice of how they use their data.


    Dear Apple, Get With The Download Program
    Because if you buy Apple products, you're living in their walled garden and you'll do as yer damned well told.

    I'm giving Apple the benefit of the doubt on this one. I actually suspect it's the Telco's. Just imagine the amount data that would flood their networks, if Apple were to lift the limit?! Remember what happened when smartphones hit the big time? Networks came to a grinding halt. App updates are made available at the same time. If everyone that had facebook installed on their iPhone, had updates to download automatically... Wouldn't be a good experience for anyone.

      I disagree. I stream Netflix, YouTube and a bunch of there stuff without a second thought. a 500MB app update is a tiny amount in the face of this. I done;t think it's the local telcos to be honest. More likely the US telcos who have relatively crappy networks compared to what we enjoy.

    cellular data availability has increased massively

    Not at all

    Data allowances might have increased, But prices have increased along with it.

    Really? I recall paying about $30 per month for 200MB not that long ago. Now, if I ship around I can pick up at least 5GB for that.

    Could be apple just dont want to have to support more bandwidth on their end.

    This is all very well and good for the tech savvy, or people who keep an eye on their download meters, but I wouldn't say that this approach is suitable for the general masses. E.g. kids will rack up huge data bills downloading gigantic games...

    Also, "cellular" data? What are we, the US? (I wish... with their unlimited data) I think in Australia it's still more commonly referred to as "mobile data" (none of the Aussie telcos call it "cellular")

      Mobile telephone is by definition a cellular radio network with each tower serving a cell and the signal being passed between those cells. A mobile phone is a portable telephone which receives or makes calls through a cell site (base station), or transmitting tower. Radio waves are used to transfer signals to and from the cell phone.

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