Deals: Secure Your Online Privacy With This VPN

Deals: Secure Your Online Privacy With This VPN

With the amount of time the average person logs online these days, it’s instrumental that you take proactive measures to keep your personal information private.

From hackers to private companies, there’s any number of people out there who could harvest your information for their own interests.

This VPNSecure: Lifetime Subscription helps you browse the internet with total anonymity — and they’ll never take a log of your activities.

VPNSecure is a cross-platform VPN that hides your location and IP address, all while encrypting your traffic so hackers can’t access your data. It even allows you to bypass geolocation blocks.

You can connect five devices simultaneously to the service, and enjoy unlimited bandwidth across all your devices. VPNSecure utilizes servers spread across over 46 countries and counting, so you can quickly get connected — plus, it protects against DNS leak fixes, kill switches and more.

It even supports torrents, giving you some extra peace of mind. Right now a lifetime subscription to VPNSecure is $35.10 ($US24.99).

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