iiNet Has Been Crowned Australia’s Best NBN Provider

iiNet Has Been Crowned Australia’s Best NBN Provider
Image: iiNet

Consumer advocacy group Choice keeps track of NBN performance and customer satisfaction across retailers, and this week has named iiNet the best NBN provider for the last six months. The rankings are based off speed monitoring and customer surveys, and are designed to help consumers pick a provider that won’t leave them with a dodgy connection.

While Choice‘s monitoring only covers the biggest providers – Optus, Telstra, TPG and iiNet – due to a lack of sufficient data from smaller companies, iiNet comes out clearly on top of the pile.

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The ratings are based on two categories – speed and customer satisfaction. Speed is measured objectively by customers who have volunteered to host an Honesty Box in their house to monitor connection speeds, which you can also do yourself if you’re so inclined. Satisfaction scores are based on customer surveys collected by Choice, and then both these are compared for an overall score.

iiNet comes in with an overall score of 78%, followed by TPG at 74%. Big brands Optus and Telstra lag behind, both getting a score of 71%.

Just looking at speed scores, iiNet again is out in front with 75%, and TPG is on 74%. Telstra comes after with a speed rating of 72%, while Optus lags behind with a dismal score of 66%.

Finally in customer satisfaction there’s some pretty clear gaps in the rating: iiNet is way out in front on 81%, TPG is on 74%, Optus gets 75% and Telstra is voted worst provider by customers with a score of 70%.

Check out the full report on Choice here.

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  • I think you aussies need to look across the Tasman at us kiwis if you want to know how good internet access can be. Unlimited gigibit fibre access for less than NZ$100 per month…. Most of New Zealand has fibre coverage and gigabit is rapidly becoming the norm. When visiting your lovelly country I am amazed at how backward your mobile and fixed broadband plans are

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