Taste Test: Super Duper Burgers

My name is Anthony and I’m a burgeraholic. Whenever I travel I make it a point to try out a burger place. As well as the burger, I like to check out the sides – I have a soft spot for great sweet potato fries as well. Today, I landed in San Francisco and discovered a burger spot I hadn’t noticed on previous trips. Super Duper Burgers, on Market Street near the corner of 3rd, offers a decent burger at a reasonable price. Here’s my Super Duper Burger experience.

The Super Duper is one of several in the Bay Area. There are tables and benches inside and on the street but the focus seems to be on take-out orders with a steady stream of customers leaving with a paper bag of greasy goodness.

Rather than ordering from the standard menu, I went for one of the specials. The regular burger size, dubbed a Mini Burger isn’t all that “mini”. It’s a regular sized burger with a single beef patty. The Super Burger adds a second patty. They cost US$5.75 and US$8.25 respectively with cheese and bacon coming as extras. You can check out the full menu here.

I decided to try out the super version of one of the specials. My burger had blue cheese and sautéed mushrooms. With a serve of fries (normally US$2.75) and a refillable glass of Diet Coke, the total cost was US$15.19 including US$1.19 of tax.

The Burger

While I did find the burger a little greasy it was delicious. I’m a fan of blue cheese but didn’t find the cheese they used overwhelming. Other burgers with blue cheese I’ve tried before had a very strong taste but the cheese Super Duper used was a little more subtle. There’s no ketchup in the burger but you can add your own from the dispensers at the drink and cutlery bench.

The burger was wrapped in paper when it arrived on a metal tray but it wasn’t so tightly wrapped that getting it loose was a challenge – something I’ve encountered at other places.

One of the things I find American burgers do really well is choose buns that walk the tightrope between holding together and not falling apart as the juices inside soften the bread without being super thick and heavy. My Super Duper burger held together until the second last bite which is pretty good considering there was a lot of butter from the sautéed mushrooms.

All up, it was a great burger. I’d score the burger a solid 7.5 out of ten.

The Fries

The serve of fries that accompanied the burger was generous without being massive. If I’d been with someone else, it would have been enough for two people with modest appetites but I’d not eaten for over 12 hours since I landed and was pretty hungry.

The fries were crisp and not too salty. I’ve had better fries elsewhere but plenty that were worse.

The fries score seven out of ten.


I arrived at Suoer Duper at about 7:00PM on a Monday night – a busy time for dinner but probably not the busiest day of the week. From the time I ordered to when I was taking my first bite was less than ten minutes. And that time passed quickly as I poured my drink and found a place to sit.

Would I Go There Again?

In a word – yes. I preferred it In’n’Out although it is quite a bit pricier.


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