Heatwave Alert: Australia Is Heading Into A Summer Inferno

The Australia Bureau of Meteorology has released a new heat map showing Australia's expected temperature forecast for November-January. In news that is sure to confound climate change sceptics, we are about to endure one of the hottest summers on record. Again.

The map above predicts the fiery temperatures Aussies will be facing this summer, based on dynamical physics-based climate modelling from the Bureau of Meteorology's supercomputer. Red indicates an 80 per cent likelihood of temperatures exceeding that area's current median. In other words, it's going to be bloody hot.

Again, this map is charting the median temperature through to January 2019. That means there's going to be fewer unseasonably cool days to provide a respite from the constant warmth.

"November to January days are very likely to be warmer than average for most of Australia. Nights are also likely to be warmer than average, except for areas surrounding the Great Australian Bight," the BoM website explains.

If the forecast holds true, there will be a low chance of recovery for drought-affected areas of eastern Australia. There will also be an increased risk of heatwaves in the south and bushfires in the east. Scary stuff.

Here are some tips to help you get safely through the summer.

  • Avoid exposure: stay out of the sun and close blinds and curtains to shade rooms.
  • Avoid strenuous activity: especially outdoors.
  • Keep drinking water: By the time you feel thirsty your body is already dehydrating so drink often to avoid thirst.
  • Use air-conditioning: If none are available, try using fans and wetting the skin with moist towels to stay cool.
  • Wear loose, lightweight clothing and have a cool shower or tepid bath for babies and children
  • Ensure outside pets have access to shade and plenty of water

For more information and forecast maps, head to the BoM website.

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    nah mate, #fakenews...the weather's been pretty cool the last 2 days ^_^

    Last couple of days been nice over here in the west. And winter's been a bitch so whilst I don't like the idea of drought/fires over east I say "bring the noise".

    I hate the summer heat, it knocks me for six. I love the cold, bring that on, but the heat I can't stand. I guess I'm living in the wrong country.

    At least in winter you can keep adding layers of clothes to get warm, if you need to. In summer there's only so many layers of clothes you can take off and chances are you'll still be uncomfortable.

      Given your user name, I would think you'd be looking forward to summer. There will be more people at the beach and swimming in the ocean.

    But Andrew Bolt told me about 10 years ago Global Warming wasn't happening, it wasn't real and in any case, had stopped and the globe was now cooling. Something doesn't add up here and the decade of warming since. Very odd indeed.

      Ignorance is an art form and Bolt is very good at it. Global warming is here, you can see it and feel it. It is going to be a lot worse than you can imagine.

        I'd love to know if people like him really believe their nonsense.
        A few years back I read about people who were the "experts" who disagreed with smoking causing cancer. Where decades later some of them admitted they knew it caused cancer, but for ideological reasons disagreed with the notion the US government should tell people what they should or shouldn't do.
        I have to wonder if there's some version of that with people like Bolt. Some underlying ideological view against the mechanisms of acting to limit climate change. Or some sense of, someone needs to be a voice of descent, is he paid to have that opinion, or is he really ignorant?
        It's like someone standing on the Titanic, claiming it's not sinking. Saying the oceans getting higher, the boat will float higher again, the boat really always had fewer levels and so hadn't partially submerged, it's normal to have your ankles wet ect. Don't people like him get tired of always being wrong?

    Not our problem. 98% of the cattle grown in Oz is for export. If the farmers want to rape the land with 200 million head of cattle for their profit, only to feed the rest of the world, then they are the cause.

    Of course we will suffer, but the fact remains.

    Beef eating Australians can also consider themselves part of the problem and should feel very guilty !

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