Adobe Will Be Releasing Photoshop CC For The iPad

Adobe Will Be Releasing Photoshop CC For The iPad
Image: Adpbe

Adobe has decided to expand Photoshop’s reach beyond traditional computing platforms. The company has announced that from early next year, you’ll be able move between PCs running Windows or macOS and an iPad, using exactly the same PSD file. Photoshop for iPad shares the same code base as its desktop counterpart which ensures seamless transitions between devices.

The new app will feel familiar said Adobe but will support natural touch gestures. In a blog announcing the upcoming release, Pam Clark, who is in charge of product management for all things Photoshop at Adobe, said “This is real Photoshop on the iPad, the same underlying code and algorithms you rely on every day, with a reimagined user experience to take advantage of the uniquenesses of the device”.

The iPad version came about when two Photoshop engineers wanted to run Photoshop on the iPad using the real Photoshop code. They had success and a few months later there was “proof of life” – real Photoshop launching on an iPad.

You can sign up to be alerted of the final release, which is expected early next year. There’s no word on price yet.

I’ve been a long-time user of Pixelmator as it offers similar cross platform capability for macOS and iOS, enough functionality for me and comes at a reasonable price. The iPad has been around for close to a decade and a number of other image creation and editing have slipped into the market. That will make it tough going for Adobe to break through – particularly if Adobe doesn’t get the pricing and subscriptions options right.

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