YouTube Is Now Showing Two Ads In Front Of Some Videos

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Have you ever clicked 'skip' on a YouTube ad just for it to serve you up another one? More users are reporting instances of seeing ads doubling up in front of some videos, and people are understandably annoyed about it.

Most evidence indicates these double ads started sometime last year, though since mid 2018 the test appears to be rolling out to more users. In a video showing a double ad, many commenters complain that they have just started getting instances of double ads, or in some cases getting doubles on every video.

The type of ad seems variable - in some cases a skippable survey, in others regular skippable ads or unskippable 30 second ads. If you're getting a double ad, it will display text indicating "ad one of two" according to one Reddit commenter.

Some people have speculated that the doubled ads are part of a push from YouTube to get more people signed up for the ad-free YouTube Red service, though Cord Cutters believes it's more likely a way creators can get improved ad revenue in a time when more and more people are using ad blockers.

"YouTube has long been helping brands connect with audiences around the world and we’re always testing new ways to surface relevant ads," a YouTube spokesperson told Lifehacker when asked about the doubled ads.

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    No double ads for me. Quite happy to pay the family subscription and be ad-free in YouTube, YouTube Kids and YouTube Music for all my family on all our devices.

    Oh no! Something I use for free and take for granted has become slightly more annoying.
    To the Outragemobile!

    The other day I was pretty sure I saw and ad during an ad. I supposed it was to support the cost of ads. I forgot what video I clicked on, my attention wandered and then i got a sandwich.

    Download Ad blocker on all of your browser and ad blocker on your mobile will solve ads problems

    It works on iOS Spotify app too!

    A bit rich coming from a site that has 30ish ads (i admit i may have counted some more than once because the site is so overloaded with ads it can be janky at times) and that doesn't include the promotion of other articles and partner content trending stories (some hardly relevant to this article like one about a HiFi One Night Sale from 2011, that is not likely to be relevant to anyone ever again).

    Nope, I have a Google Music subscription and even though there was a hubbub a while ago saying that now YouTube Premium instead of YouTube Red would be included with Google Music and ads would come back, I still haven't seen a single ad.

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