How To Find Local Bushwalking Trails

How To Find Local Bushwalking Trails
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Bushwalking is a great way to visit the outdoors and be active. If you’ve ever wanted to go for a hike in the Australian bush, here’s a way to find an appropriate trail near you.

No matter your fitness levels you can find appropriate bushwalking trails within a reasonable drive from any major metropolitan area in Australia. Trail Hiking Australia has a useful search tool to help you find the right trail for your skill level.

The search tool lets you narrow down from the over 2000 trails listed on the site to your area, then adjust for distance and duration.

Tracks are graded using the Australian Walking Track Grading system which puts the tracks on a grade from Grade 1 (walks under 5km with no steps or steep sections) to Grade 5 (tracks that require specialised bushwalking skills and have unmarked tracks that include rough or steep sections).

Grades 1 – 3 trails can be attempted by people with no bushwalking experience, although it is recommended that people have some experience before tackling a Grade 3.

Trail Hiking Australia also has a map view mode where you can skip the search function and find an appropriately graded track through a map of your state or territory.

The site’s safety section includes a number of valuable tips such as what to do when you get lost, how to manage blisters and how to spot and treat heat exhaustion.

Don’t forget to wear decent shoes.


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