Today I Discovered The Man With Two Functioning Penises

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Born with a medical condition called 'diphallia', a man identifying himself as 'DoubleDickDude' appeared on Reddit a few years back to open up about his bizarre condition. He revealed he's very bisexual, was in a polyamorous relationship (at least at the time of the AMA), it's easier for him to eschew underwear altogether, and he didn't inherit his condition - it's a true anomaly.

Diphallia is a rare condition, estimated to effect around 1 in 5.5 million men. Diphallia like DoubleDickDude's (otherwise known as Triple D) is even more rare, however. Most often it comes with other congenital defects, or otherwise one or both of the penises would be deformed or not functional as you can see in the pic on the condition's Wiki article (NSFW). So for Triple D to have two mostly symmetrical, functioning penises is pretty damn rare. You can check it out for yourself on his Twitter (again, NSFW).

Talking to the BBC, Triple D said that his parents brought him up saying he was 'special and unique', but also warned him not to show his privates to his schoolfriends. At first he was worried that his mates would be jealous they were missing out on having two penises, but through the hard world of high school eventually discovered that people thought his unique biology was actually weird and different.

Now he prefers to keep the contents of his trousers a secret, and has always protected his privacy even when his story became one of Reddit's most popular AMAs. In the thread he revealed some interesting tidbits about his unique sex life. He does have a favourite between the two (it's the right one). In his teens he considered getting one removed, but now embraces his difference. He can ejaculate and urinate from both at the same time - and in fact can't really stop it. Yes, he has considered a career in porn, but he doesn't want to build his life on being a novelty.

You can read some more NSFW stories from Triple D's life at the original AMA here, or if you're super curious he's released a book on Amazon called "Double Header: My Life with Two Penises."

Update: Apparently this story is just a little too good to be true. While nothing can 100 per cent be confirmed or denied due to Triple D's habit of anonymity, Redditors have called out the viral user for constantly upping his already outrageous claims (such as saying his dual penises were constantly getting enlarged or having some other kind of aesthetic surgery) and refusing to take a video for evidence. Here is the thread questioning his story.

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    And now you've discovered it, if you go and search for "Double Dick Dude Fake" you will find that more redditors found it to be a hoax. Triple D's posting became more erratic and the photo shopping got worse.

      Damn that's always the way, huh? I've added an update.

        Sorry to rain on your Triple D Parade =)
        There's a nice Double Vagina Girl floating around some where I believe.

    Has the guy actually posted pics of his penises (penii?), not that I want to go look, but if he's trying to keep it (them) private and not show pics then it's a catch 22 isn't it. Don't want to show them. People say "Pics or lying".

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