That Startup Show: The Invisible Tech Changing The World

There’s a whole industry of hidden tech that we can’t see – but what does it do?

On this week’s That Startup Show, we’re exploring the invisible innovations changing our relationships to the physical world without us even knowing.

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This so-called ‘ghost tech’ is where AI, chatbots and cyber security experts work undercover, but who’s behind the curtain and do we need to know about such developments?

Hosts Ben Law and Rae Johnston also look into The Fourth Interface, the sci-fi sounding combination of virtual, augmented and mixed reality, to discover the implications of tech humans can’t always control.

Joining the panel is Michelle Price, CEO of AustCyber, and Trent Clews-de Castella, CEO of Phoria.

Guest correspondent and Girl Geek Academy CEO Sarah Moran also has a go at mixing VR and AR.

That Startup Show: The Invisible Tech Changing The World

Pitching their startups this week are:

  • Marat Basyrov, founder of, a community for creatives that reimagines the development of software, apps, design, and web applications through cutting-edge machine-learning tech.
  • Ben Flavel, co-founder of FairAccess, a new Blockchain-based access control framework for the Internet of Things making online queuing systems fairer.
  • Bobby Oparaocha, co-founder of Valyou X, the world’s first decentralized global stock market for musicians.

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