Taking A Long Travel Break Isn’t Career Limiting

Taking A Long Travel Break Isn’t Career Limiting
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Many people work hard for a few years and then take a year or so off to travel the world before “settling down”. As well as seeing the world and experiencing new cultures, some recent research has found the benefits extend to many other areas. And the good news is that once you’re back, the likelihood of getting a new job quickly is quite high.

The results of the survey of 1000 people conducted by Hostelworld revealed that 45% of travellers find a job less than a month after travelling and 64% in less than two months. People aged 16-29 are no exception to this with almost two-thirds getting back to work two months or less after travelling.

One of the big benefits of overseas travel is that it provides a rich set of experiences that help immensely with personal development and enhancing important skills that are valuable in the workplace. This was something the survey sought to quantify. Hostelworld found 59% of respondents reported having better communication skills and well over half said they were more adaptable and self-motivated. Those results correlated with the expectations of what non-travellers expected to be key skills developed through travel.

Interestingly, just over half of the travellers surveyed end up being homeowners in contrast to 35% of non-travellers.

The data came back showing some marked differences between what women and men reported. Just over a third of the women who responded said travel helped them better budget their finances compared to 29% of men. And half reported it helped with understanding people from different backgrounds compared just over a third of male responders. More women said their people skills were enhanced as well.

When they come back, Australian travellers are said they are more confident to go to social events on their own, introducing themselves to people they don’t know, and more patient, tolerant and resilient.

The idea of a “gap year” isn’t new and it’s something many people take on. The experiences gained while travelling are invaluable. And an extended break from work to travel, learn about the world and extend your personal boundaries doesn’t mean a protracted break from employment when you get back.

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