Report: Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Revolutionise Smartphone Displays

Report: Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Revolutionise Smartphone Displays
Image: Ice Universe

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has been subject to a rumour blitzkrieg over the past few months. Everything from the number of cameras (allegedly five) to the CPU (a beastly Exynos 9820) has been leaked. Now, fresh details have emerged about the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. Apparently, it will be Qualcomm’s best and most powerful sensor to date.

According to a report on the Korean tech site ETNews, Samsung has signed a deal with Qualcomm to bring a fingerprint-on-display (FOD) scanner to the Galaxy S10. This latest leak backs earlier reports about an ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint sensor developed by Qualcomm.

Qualcomm’s sensor works by sending ultrasonic sound waves to penetrate the skin and create a 3D model of fingerprints. It can also work through 400 micron glass and metal which makes it well suited for smartphone display technology.

In addition to the obvious benefits of a FOD scanner, the eschewing (or second-stringing) of face unlock will allow Samsung to produce a truly bezel-free display. A leaked photo from Ice Universe strongly supports this notion.

While a front facing camera is still expected to feature, it seems probable that a pop-up solution (similar to the Oppo Find X) will be employed in place of an obtrusive notch.

Personally, we’re not sure what we think about in-screen fingerprint sensors. While the concept is pretty cool, it presents yet another reason to keep constantly touching your phone and covering it in finger grease. Also, what happens if your phone gets a crack? Will it still be responsive? We will likely need to wait until early 2019 to find out.

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  • Sorry but there’s nothing new here.. i’m using the Vivo Nex S and its a dream device. only its here now!? why wait another 1yr or more for tech that is here now? by then the foldable devices should be coming and that’s some innovations right there.. big players just cant seem to act fast enough to keep up with the new China market phones.. which if in Australia work great!

  • the fact people consider a pop-up camera to be better than a notch just goes to show how crazy people have become about looks over functionality. A pop-up camera is a horrible idea and I’d have a notch over a pop-up any day of the week.

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