Rapid Review: Choetech USB-C Desktop Charger

As we make the move from USB-A to USB-C and the number of devices that can be charged from a USB port continues to multiply, our need for compact charging solutions continues to grow. The Choetech USB-C Desktop Charger is one potential solution that can help with your charging needs.

What Is It?

Desktop USB chargers aren’t new but the emergence of USB-C as a solution for charging and shifting data around means many older chargers don’t quite fit the bill any. more. The Choetech USB-C Desktop Charger delivers a USB-C port that can be used to charge smartphones, tablets and computers along with three USB-A ports for devices that still use the old style ports.


Size 91 x 71 x 27mm, 240g
Ports Three USB-A and one USB-C
Power Output Total of 72W with up to 60W for USB-C devices

What’s Good?

I tested the Choetech USB-C Desktop Charger with an iPad, iPhone, 13-inch MacBook Pro and 15-inch MacBook Pro. As the charger doesn’t ship with any cables, other than a IEC C7 power cable, I needed to grab my own USB-C cable.

Plugged into the 15-inch MacBook Pro that I recently reviewed, using a third-party USB-C cable, the Choetech Charger worked just as well as the Apple power supply, even when I had an iPad Pro plugged into one of the USB-A ports.

The charger can be used with 110-240 volt power systems, making it a handy travel companion. Although it is a little on the heavy side, it’s compact and won’t take up much space in your travel bag.

What’s Bad?

As the number of USB-C devices on the market proliferates and USB-A connectors inexorably march towards extinction, I think a more useful combination would be a pair of USB-A and a pair of USB-C ports rather than three and one respectively. But that’s a minor quibble as the device works

Should You Buy It

The Choetech USB-C Desktop Charger retails for $61.99. You’ll need to add a USB-C cable to that if you plan to use it with a compatible laptop, smartphone or tablet.

This isn’t the first Choetech device I’ve looked at. I looked at the company’s foldable USB charger a while ago and it’s proven a reliable device. And after a few weeks of using the USB-C Desktop Charger, I’ve found it a reliable device that works as expected.

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