Learn To Handle A Kitchen Knife Like A Pro [Infographic]

Learn To Handle A Kitchen Knife Like A Pro [Infographic]

Do you know your way around a kitchen knife, or does your chopping technique leave a little to be desired? Learn the proper ways to slice, dice and mince with kitchen knives in this handy infographic.

The way you should chop a potato differs to how you would cut up fresh herbs, while carrots should never be cut in the same way as an onion. Do you know the difference between these different knife techniques? Brush up on the basics with this graphic from Kitchen Knives and give yourself a solid base for your cooking journey – and learning how to cut up veggies without losing a finger is just a bonus.

Image: kitchenknives.co.uk

[Kitchen Knives]


  • There are some seriously dangerous looking ‘blade-up’ techniques in this guide (refer The Chop and Mince 4)

    I think I’ll just stick to holding my knife safely like I always have.

  • was expecting this article to show the proper way to hold a knife rather than restate the knife use information everyone has already heard 50 times. infographic shows the knife being held incorrectly by the way: holding the knife entirely by the handle reduces the level of control you have over the blade. you should always grip a knife with your thumb and index finger at the base of the blade, with your other fingers curled around the handle for support.

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