KitKat Is Giving Away Free Chocolate Today

KitKat Is Giving Away Free Chocolate Today
Image: KitKat

Hard to say no to free chocolate. Well, free caramel encased in white chocolate. If you’re in Melbourne, or plan to be in Melbourne on Monday, you’ll have the opportunity to score yourself a free KitKat Gold bar.

If you happen to be in Melbourne today (September 3), you’ll be able to grab a free KitKat Gold bar from Southern Cross Station. Understandably, it’s limited to one per person, though I suppose if you bring a fake moustache and top hat, you might be able to get a second one.

In terms of specific times, the giveaway will start at 8:30am and end at 2:00pm, however, things will pack up sooner if stocks run out.

KitKat Australia [Facebook]

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